Mass Education Extention & Library Services Department
Government of West Bengal


Regular Activities

  • To look after and administer the Libraries and their activities in the State.
  • Bibliographical Control.
  • Creation of Database regarding Library Services.
  • Organisation of Book Fairs in the Districts.
  • Continuance of the Career Guidance Centres in different Libraries.
  • Financial assistance to Non Government and Non Sponsored Libraries.
  • Establishment of Community Library cum Information Centres (CLICs) in the districts.
  • Implementation of the Matching Grant Scheme of the Raja Rammohan Roy Library Foundation (RRRLF).
  • Financial Assistance under RIDF Scheme.
  • Conducting of Certificate Course in Library Science and also in-service training of Library personnel.

Special Activities

  • Computerisation and networking of Libraries under the control of the Directorate of Library Services with the assistance of RRRLF.
  • Digitisation of Rare Books with the help of C-DAC, Kolkata and with the assistance of RRRLF.
  • Retro-conversion of bibliographic data of all books available in our libraries and with the assistance of RRRLF.
  • Dissemination of Community Information Service with the assistance of RRRLF.
  • Preservation of Documents with the assistance of National Mission for Manuscripts.
  • Modernisation and computerisation of State Central Library and North Bengal State Library under the scheme of National Mission on Libraries.

Different Services provided from Public libraries in West Bengal

  • Lending of Books for Home Reading
  • Reading Room Service
  • Reference Service
  • Newspaper and Periodical Service
  • Text Book Service
  • Special Service to Readers pertaining to Career Guidance
  • Service to Children Readers
  • Service to Braille Users
  • Inter Library Loan Service
  • Mobile Library service
  • Reprography Service
  • Information Service on life and Livelihood of the masses